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Migraine is a common neurological disorder that causes moderate to severe headaches and nausea. Variations are common in types, severity, and symptoms experienced with migraine.

Although there is no cure for migraine, there are treatments and lifestyle changes that can help manage the symptoms and allow most patients to live normally.

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How to access the Clear Head Clinic

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Direct Referral to Neurologist

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Self-Referral to Clear Head Clinic

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At our clinic, we understand the importance of flexibility and convenience when it comes to accessing healthcare services. That’s why we offer both in-person and telehealth consultations for our patients.

In-person Consultations

With in-person consultations, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with our friendly team in a warm and welcoming environment, and benefit from hands-on treatments and assessments

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Telehealth Consultations

Our telehealth consultations offer the convenience of accessing our services from the comfort of your own home or office, saving you time and travel expenses.

Our professional and experienced team will provide you with the best care possible, regardless of how you choose to access our services

Specialty General Practitioners

Our experienced GP has a special interest in headache and migraine management and works closely with our neurologist and other clinic team members to provide comprehensive care to patients of all ages. Some of the services our GP provides include:

Direct access without referrals 
Quick access to specialty migraine services – you can avoid long waitlists 
Simplifying the path to managing your migraine 
Holistic evaluation of migraine, symptoms and triggers
Diagnostic testing or imaging referrals as required
Medication reviews
First-line treatment strategies
Lifestyle modifications

Empowering self-management

Specialist Neurologist

First-line treatment strategies 

Physiotherapy for migraine:

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Our advanced trained musculoskeletal and vestibular physiotherapist:

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Clear Head Clinic Migraine Program

The Clear Head Clinic team have created a unique, comprehensive Migraine Program, designed to guide patients experiencing headache or migraine through a structured 6-week treatment program addressing triggers, physical and lifestyle factors and optimising use of common medications. This includes:

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The program involves weekly consultations with the migraine team to monitor your symptoms, deliver each week’s program and start each therapy component. It includes: 

Clinical Research and Access to Trials

Our team attend and present at Australian and International Migraine and Headache conferences, particularly in relation to the unique multidisciplinary model of care we provide.

We work in partnership with Mater Research and The University of Queensland (UQ).

What does this mean for patients?

A team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who have a special interest in migraine and provide comprehensive care. 
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