Peter Jones

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Nurse Practitioner

Peter Jones

Introducing Peter Jones, Clear Head Clinic’s highly accomplished Nurse Practitioner. With an impressive academic background, including a Masters in Nursing Science (NP) with distinction from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in 2017, a Graduate Certificate in Intensive Care Nursing from QUT in 2006, and an Advanced Diploma in Nursing from Southampton UK in 2002, Peter brings extensive knowledge and expertise to our team.

With over 20 years of experience in nursing, Peter has held senior nursing roles in neurology, including Neurology Nurse Unit Manager and Clinical Nurse Consultant. In 2017, he qualified as a Nurse Practitioner in neurology, which further enhanced his ability to provide exceptional care to patients. Peter has since worked in both public and private settings, focusing on outpatient care for new and review cases.

Joining Clear Head Clinic was a purposeful decision for Peter, driven by his aspiration to expand his scope within neurology and further broaden his skill set as a Nurse Practitioner. He is passionate about being part of a dedicated and contemporary specialist care team, particularly in serving the migraine community. Peter truly appreciates the ongoing clinical interface that Clear Head Clinic offers, allowing him to provide an experienced nursing perspective while working to improve the quality of life for our patients.

Peter’s approach to patient care and treatment is deeply rooted in his unwavering commitment to achieving an acceptable and attainable quality of life for all individuals under his care. This guiding principle was what initially inspired him to Peter pursue a career in nursing.

Beyond his clinical work, Peter also has previous experience in research, particularly in epilepsy-SUDEP trial (PAH). To stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field, Peter actively utilises access to research publications, engages in team discussions, and leverages connections with pharmaceutical representatives.

Outside of work, Peter loves to explore the outdoors, which is one of the many reasons he enjoys living in Queensland. He also indulges in his passion for football, often waking up at unconventional hours on weekends to watch his beloved Arsenal!

With Peter’s exceptional qualifications, vast experience, and genuine dedication to patient care, he is an invaluable asset to our team at Clear Head Clinic. Patients can trust that they will receive compassionate, comprehensive, and contemporary care under Peter’s expert guidance.

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